Travelling to Israel? follow these tips

Israel is the dream destination of many people, but not only of those who go behind religious sites, which are many! It’s a place that’s a real history lesson in the open!


If you want to know the country, it must be as I was before I went: with a thousand doubts. As it is a controversial “middle” destination, I had many fantasies about it and I thought that everything would be difficult or even dangerous, but all this went downhill when I got there, because I realized that I had created a monster in my imagination, but that It simply did not exist. There are many other places in Israel to visit such as Jerusalem, Istanbul etc. But i would suggest to plan a trip to Jerusalem if you are going to Israel.

So, so you do not go through the same, here are 10 tips from Israel to get you started to organize your travel itinerary:

1. How to get to Israel?

From Brazil or Portugal there are no direct flights to Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion airport), which is the gateway to the country. You will always have to catch a flight to another destination and from there a connection. In my case, the flight was via Istanbul . If you are at another departure location, you can take a look at flight options on the website of Israeli airline  El Al .

2. Do you need any vaccine or special documentation to travel to Israel?

No special vaccines are needed because of this trip.

Brazilians and Portuguese do not need a visa to enter the country, only a passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of entry into the country.

3. What is the best time to visit Israel?

This is very relative and personal. For me, for example, it’s during the winter, when things get cheaper and “empty.”

The so-called high season happens in the months of July and August, high summer. Things are crowded and much more expensive at this time.

The average season is October-November and from March to June, and the low season runs from December to February, which is winter. But let it be clear that the winter there is very quiet, I even wore short sleeves several times during the month of January. Only Jerusalem, which because it is higher, can make it colder and eventually even snow (a rare fact, by the way).

4. How long does it take to get to know the country?

Another quite relative answer, but I say that if you want to have a general overview, you would need at least a week, but the ideal would be about 10 days.


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